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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hex Crocheted Handbag

Sometime ago I saw some videos by futuregirl detailing how to crochet hexagons into a tote. I watched the videos, favorited them and bookmarked her site so I could make one in the future. I wanted to know how to crochet a hexagon so this project was a perfect way to make some and put them together into a project that wouldn't take too long to finish.

The other day I was looking at my favorites on YouTube and found the videos and remembered how I wanted to try them so I got my yarn together and began. I decided that my daughter Kayla could use a new purse. I had crocheted her one months ago and she has used it hard and it looks like it. So I picked her favorite Rasta colors and put this bag together. I lined it with pockets and put a magnetic snap in as well. The bag is about 16" x 17". The strap was made by double crocheting a strip as long as I wanted it and sewing it around a piece of cording and then sewing it to the bag. Its different from the strap that futuregirl makes. The last bag I made my daughter we bought a strap but I wanted to see how a crochet strap made this way would hold up.  I will be sending the bag off to her very soon! I hope she loves it!

 Sorry the pictures of the lining are overexposed. Still trying to figure out how to use my Nikon D-60!
See the magnetic snap and the pockets!

The Hex Handbag hanging out in my garden!

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