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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Ponchos

I made more of my asymetric ponchos for the fashion team at work. It gets cold in the office sometimes so they like to have something pretty to wrap up in. I started making these ponchos after a customer at a craft fair I was selling in asked me if I made ponchos. I thought, "Ponchos - do people still wear those?" Then she emailed me a picture of one she saw Jennifer Lopez wearing in the movie "Monster In Law" and I was hooked. I started searching the internet for other images of ponchos and found out they are popular again. The next craft fair I had made several and sold some and that's how I came to make so many for the fashion team at work. They saw them and voila - I was mass producing ponchos. That first round I made 16 of them and a scarf for one of the guys.

This last batch I made was 5 or 6 (I forget!) and another scarf. It was fun to make them in the different colors they picked. They had me make one in pink, blue and red as well as some black. One of these days I will write out that pattern and share it here. If you want me to make you one I am now selling them on Etsy. Just click on the link and you can have one too!

Some of the gals took pictures and said they wouldn't mind if I share them. I also made a scarf for one of the guys on the team - he is pictured as well. Fun to wear—they can be worn with jeans or dressed up!

Please comment below and let me know what you think of these ponchos. I really want to know!

This picture is from the first batch I made. There were 16 total (only 13 pictured here)!

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