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Monday, June 4, 2012

I saw an idea on Pinterest that I thought my daughter should do to memorialize the growth of her baby girl. She took a picture of her daughter on her one month-day and had a cute sign with her name, age, and some of the things she is doing already. I love this idea. The only thing I think is missing from this picture is the date! Next month!

We have recently been going through my deceased Uncle's home to clean out his belongings and sell the house and have found lots of pictures, some of babies and small children - and we cannot tell who is in the picture because there is nothing written on the back. Some of the pictures are very old and anyone who might know who is in the picture has long since died.

I know we all think we will look back at our pictures and know who is in them and what they were doing when... but I honestly cannot always tell which baby was which and how old they were, etc. Even birthday party pictures have to be gone through with some detective work (like counting the candles on the cake) to figure out how old the child is in the photo. How great to put the information right in the picture! I hope she continues doing this and does this with all of her children. I really recommend this idea!

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