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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sock Monkey Hat Contest

Enter to win a custom made Sock Monkey Hat by naming the YouTube personalities pictured below. Leave your comment and name all four. (Close friends and family cannot participate because you know who they are!) Please use their YouTube names. One of them pictured has only appeared in one video so if you can name him I know you are a fan! If you cannot name them all, just do your best. All comments will count towards winning.

You can have an extra chance to win by posting this blog post on your Facebook page and coming back here to comment and tell me you posted.

Also - get another chance to win by Liking my Facebook page and making another comment here that you Liked my page or if you have already LIKED my Facebook page tell me that in a comment.

Last but not least, post a link in the comments to one of your favorite videos that at least one of these handsome guys appears in.

That is FOUR chances to win. The Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on October 1, 2012. Once chosen the winner can contact me and tell me what size Sock Monkey Hat they want! Good Luck and spread the word!


Clarissa said...

StevenJPresents, Baby J, Jose Luis, Mr Arturo Trejo

Letters From Ryan said...

From left to right: StevenJPresents, lil' Baby J, Jose Luis, & Nancy's husband. :) (Mr Arturo Trejo)

chasetonga said...

StevenJpresents,baby j, Jose Luis, and Arturo Trejo. They are all cute! Even the big boys!

lnchne1 said...

I don't know who they are but I imagine it is your sons and grand didn't say I had to be specific with names.

lnchne1 said...

I am assuming it is your sons and grand children....the rules didn't say I have to be specific with names but I share it.

Cute hat

Alane Marie's Creations said...

And the winner is...Clarissa. Clarissa I am sending you an email. Thanks to all for visiting my blog.