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Monday, September 27, 2010

School Teacher Tote Bag

One of my daughters is a middle school choir teacher and I decided for her birthday this year I would surprise her and make her a music teacher's tote bag. I  blanked out the name of the school on the picture to retain privacy. I embroidered the school name, the music notes and the word Choir with my Singer Futura CE200 embroidery machine. They don't make my machine anymore but there is an updated one just like it. The bag was made with a nice cotton blended fabric on the outside and a cotton music print on the inside. I also made a cute embellishment on the back with some of the music fabric and a ribbon. I don't remember the blog where I got the original tutorial to make this type of tote but I have made lots of them since then and made my own variations on them. I even added a zipper to one I use to put crochet projects in when I am on the go. She loved the tote. I hope she gets a lot of use out of it this school year!


Kristina said...

I just love the choir bag! So great..
Kristina J.

Alane Marie's Creations said...

Thanks. I can't believe I did not see your comment before now. I guess I am a little late to respond!

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